Excavator and bull dozer at work

Loading Caterpillar 777 dump truck

Retaining wall

Equipment at work

View looking east from Highway 75. Entrance ramp and retaining wall on right side and exit ramp on left side.

View of soil nail wall shot from the east looking west. The wall is almost complete.

Excavation work along the mainline of the Beltline. Cuts in this area will be approximately 80 feet in some places. Note different slope stabilization treatments on right side of photograph.

Zoomed in view of excavation area along the mainline. Pneumatic concrete blanket being applied along the cuts on the left and right side of the photograph.

View of the culvert that will extend under Highway 79. Culvert being constructed in 4 sections. The southwest section is shown at the top of the photograph and is being used to store materials for the northwest section. Traffic on Highway 79 will be re-routed over the western half when complete while the eastern half is constructed. Highway 79 will be a 4-lane in this section when complete.

Culvert under construction west of SR 79

Water truck spraying for dust control

Application of pneumatic concrete blanket

Bull dozer pushing rock for loading

View of east end of the project looking west. Entrance ramp and exit ramps tie ins to Highway 75 shown. Permanent sedimentation basin on the right side of photograph and retaining wall in the center part of photograph.

Western end of the project from the west. Photograph shot from Green Drive area.

View of soil nail wall from the west. Can see eastern end of the project and Highway 75 in the background.

View of the excavation area looking east. Note excavator loading large Caterpillar 777 dump trucks.