UAB Marine and Polar Biology professor Dr. James McClintock has recently published a book highlighting environmental threats to some of his favorite fishing spots and species. In A Naturalist Goes Fishing he discusses environmental problems and consequences, and also gives examples of efforts making positive impacts.

In Chapter 10, titled Fishing for Solutions, McClintock offers up elements of ALDOT’s work as giving hope for sustaining water quality and fish habitat. He describes ALDOT’s Five Pillars of Construction Stormwater Management as being an integral part of the environmental successes of ALDOT’s Environmental Program and Birmingham’s Northern Beltline highway construction project.

Barry Fagan, ALDOT’s Environmental Program Engineer, also mentioned in the solutions chapter, is very proud of the acknowledgement. “Having worked hard on both the technical details and the outreach effort on this project, the recognition, especially in this context, is extremely rewarding.” Fagan sees the mention as validation of ALDOT’s environmental vision and a product of ALDOT’s environmental mantra of “getting better every day.”

Dr. McClintock’s Book, A Naturalist Goes Fishing, is available from most online and traditional book sellers. A sample of pages from chapter 10, Fishing for Solutions can be viewed HERE.