Monthly Construction and Environmental Update

West End (SR 79)

  • Utility work related to fiber optic lines and gas relocation work has resumed.
  • Jefferson County water line installation (under separate NPDES permit) ongoing near SR 79 and Green Drive. BMPs installed by Jefferson County contractor.
  • Tree clearing begun for Sediment Basin 5 on west side of SR79. BMPs in place.
  • Temporary Sedimentation basins 31 and 32 (with pumps and skimmers) on SR 79 functioning properly. Active stormwater treatment applied as necessary to discharge clean water.

Mainline (Station 2150 to Station 2235 at SR 75)   

  • Jefferson County water line installation ongoing along SR75. BMPs installed by Jefferson County contractor.
  • On-going construction
    • Soil Nail Wall
    • Retaining Wall completed
    • Blasting of rock throughout mainline section as needed.
    • Additional clearing midway thru project completed.
    • Sediment barriers installed at newly cleared areas.
    • Removing waste soil to off-site pit.
  • Temporary, permanent, and post-construction BMPs remain in place.
    • Construction entrances remain stabilized.
    • Disturbed areas temporarily stabilized with blown or hydraulically-applied mulch;
    • Diversion berms, slope drains, and drainage sump excavations have been installed where needed.
    • Sediment barriers installed at buffers, stream and construction limits.
    • Six permanent and one temporary sedimentation basins with dewatering devices and baffles are functional. Active stormwater treatment used as necessary to discharge clean water from basins.
    • Six Level spreaders associated with permanent sedimentation basins with are functional.
    • Temporary slope drains, diversion berms, swales, sumps, wattles, ditch checks, and temporary seed/mulch remain installed.

Environmental Status this reporting period

  • 6 Rain Days: 2/2 (0.24”), 2/9 (0.06”), 2/17 (1.79”), 2/23 (1.28”), 2/24 (0.04”), 2/26 (0.55”), 2/28 (0.07”).
  • Total rainfall for February was approximately 4.5 inches
  • ADEM compliance inspection on 2/17/15: Minor deficiencies observed within two sediment control BMPs. No regulatory violations noted.
  • One water quality violation on 2/23/15: Temporary visible contrast between discharge and receiving water near station 2240.
  • Discharge reported to ADEM as corrections were implemented. Water quality clear on 2/24/15.