Monthly Construction and Environmental Update

West End (Station 2137 at SR 79 to Station 2190)

  • Gas utility contractor began relocation work near SR 79 utilizing both open trench and trenchless methods of installation
  • Utility construction-related traffic control and water quality protection present.
  • No clearing or roadway construction activities have taken place on West End.

East End (Station 2190 to Station 2236 at SR 75)

  • Clearing for road construction and haul road construction near SR75.
  • Disturbance limited to western-most 2500 feet of project.
  • Harvesting of merchantable timber.
  • Permitting burning of non-merchantable woody debris.
  • Excavation and drainage for haul road construction ongoing.
  • Temporary and permanent construction and post-construction best management practices (BMPs) in place or under construction.
    • Construction entrances stabilized.
    • Disturbed areas temporarily stabilized with mulch.
    • Sediment barriers installed at buffers, stream and construction limits.
    • Sediment Retention Barrier installed at several locations.
    • Four sedimentation basins with skimmers and baffles under construction.
    • Level spreaders associated with sedimentation basins under construction.
    • Temporary slope drains, diversion berms and swales, sumps and ditch checks installed near haul road area.
    • Cross drainage (48″ concrete pipe) being installed near SR75

Environmental Status this reporting period:

  • Rain Days: March 3 (0.40″), March 7 (0.40″), March 12 (0.10″), March 16 (1.60″), March 17 (0.02″), March 23 (0.10″). March 28 (1.09″) and March 29 (1.39″)
  • Total rainfall approximately 5.1″
  • No water quality violation observed this month.
  • No air-quality permit violations observed by ALDOT or Jefferson County.
  • ADEM performed an inspection on March 28, 2014. No major issues noted.