Monthly Construction and Environmental Update

West End (SR 79)

  • Construction safety zone in effect along SR79. Speed limit reduced to 45 mph.
  • Traffic remains re-routed over the western section of culvert, but will be shifted east after Labor Day.
  • Culvert under SR79 completed. Slopes stabilized with permanent vegetation, Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP), and wattles installed at culvert walls and slopes.
  • New fill slopes have been seeded and RECP installed.
  • Asphalt being placed over newly completed eastern culvert section.
  • Existing roadway will be resurfaced and any remaining work on west side of SR79 will be completed after eastern section.
  • Final traffic stripping will be done after all asphalt is completed (late September).
  • New ditch lines on east side of SR79 that drain north and south of new culvert remain stable with RECP and wattles.
  • Three Step Pools near Green Drive along Self Creek are functional. All areas remain stabilized with permanent vegetation and RECP.
  • Sediment Basin slopes remain stabilized with permanent seed and RECP.
  • Perimeter controls remain in place along stream to protect water quality.
  • Sediment Retention Barrier (silt fence and hay bales) remain at Self Creek.
  • Sedimentation Basins (with pumps and skimmers) on SR 79 functioning properly. Active stormwater treatment applied as necessary to discharge clean water.
  • General items: Site mowing of all permanent vegetation has been completed.
  • Completed ramp slopes are stabilized with permanent seed and RECP. Completed ramp roads are now “capped” with aggregate.
  • North Access Road and cul-de-sac at Old TN Pike have been paved.
  • “Punch list” work throughout project site remains on-going.

Mainline (Station 2150 to Station 2235 at SR 75)

On-going construction

  • Soil Nail Wall, and Pneumatic Concrete Blanket completed.
  • Finished slopes stabilized with permanent vegetation.
  • Mainline subgrade has been completely “capped” with small aggregate.
  • Perimeter and other appropriate BMPs being installed as required or needed.

Temporary, permanent, and post-construction BMPs remain in place.

  • Construction entrances remain stabilized with aggregate.
  • Eight permanent and four temporary sedimentation basins with skimmers and baffles are functional. Active stormwater treatment used as necessary to discharge clean water from basins.
  • Eight Level Spreaders associated with permanent sedimentation basins are functional.

East End (SR 75)

  • Construction safety zone in effect along SR75. Speed limit reduced to 45 mph.
  • Final asphalt layer completed. Permanent traffic stripping remains to be completed.
  • New ditch line construction on east side of north bound roadway completed.
  • New ditch slopes have been protected with RECP and hay mulch.
  • Detention Basin– Basin soils remain stabilized with permanent vegetation.
  • Ramp and access road near church have been paved.
  • Site mowing of permanent vegetation has been completed.
  • Guard rail installation along shoulders is completed.

Environmental Status this reporting period:

  • Eight rain Days: 8/3 (0.06”), 8/8 (0.40”), 8/10 (0.08”), 8/12 (0.05”) 8/15 (0.38”), 8/19 (0.39”), 8/22 (0.44”), 8/25 (0.37”)
  • Total rainfall for August was approximately 2.2 inches.
  • There were no “qualifying rain events” (greater or equal to 0.75”) and no Non-Compliant conditions during August.