Monthly Construction and Environmental Update

West End (SR 79)

  • Utility work related to fiber optic lines and gas relocation work completed.
  • Jefferson County water line installation (under separate NPDES permit) completed near SR 79 and Green Drive. BMPs installed by Jefferson County contractor.
  • Culvert work west of SR-79 on-going. Construction safety work zone in effect along SR-79. Speed limit reduced 10 mph.
  • Sedimentation basin 6 at Old TN Pike Road clearing begun followed by basin excavation and BMP installation. Periodic blasting will cause minimal traffic delays.
  • Sedimentation basin 4 area cleared with slopes stabilized with temporary seed/mulch.
  • Perimeter controls remain in place along stream to protect water quality.
  • Sediment Retention Barrier (silt fence and hay bales) remained on north and south sides of Self Creek.
  • Temporary Sedimentation basins 31, 32, and 33 (with pumps and skimmers) on SR 79 functioning properly. Active stormwater treatment applied as necessary to discharge clean water.

Mainline (Station 2150 to Station 2235 at SR 75)

  • On-going construction
    • Soil Nail Wall, and Pneumatic Concrete Blanket
    • Blasting of rock throughout mainline section as needed
    • Removing waste soil and rock to off-site pits.
    • Finished slopes stabilized with permanent vegetation.
    • Water truck used on mainline section for dust control.
  • Perimeter and other appropriate BMPs being installed as required or needed.
  • Temporary, permanent, and post-construction BMPs remain in place.
    • Construction entrances remain stabilized with aggregate.
    • Diversion berms, slope drains, and drainage sump excavations have been installed where needed.
    • Sediment barriers installed at buffers, stream and construction limits.
    • Six permanent and one temporary sedimentation basin with skimmers and flow baffles are functional. Active stormwater treatment used as necessary to discharge clean water from basins.
    • Six Level Spreaders associated with permanent Sedimentation basins are functional.
    • Temporary slope drains, diversion berms, swales, sumps, wattles, ditch checks, and temporary seed/mulch remain installed.

East End (SR 75)

  • Jefferson County water line installation ongoing along SR75. BMPs installed by Jefferson County contractor.

Environmental Status this reporting period

  • 6 Rain Days: 7/2 (0.33”),7/6 (2.70”), 7/15 (0.17”), 7/24 (0.19”), 7/29 (0.59”), 7/30 (0.40”)
  • Total rainfall for June was approximately 4.4 inches
  • One water quality violation (turbid discharge) for this month occurred on 7/6/15.
  • ADEM notified of water quality violation on 7/6/15. Wattles installed, damaged silt fence repaired and no further violations observed.