Monthly Construction and Environmental Update

West End (Station 2137 at SR 79 to Station 2190)

  • Gas utility relocation work ongoing near SR 79 utilizing both open trench and directional bore methods of installation.
  • Utility construction-related traffic control and water quality protection present.
  • No clearing or roadway construction activities have taken place on West End.
  • Utility delay regarding repositioning of AT&T fiber optic lines with expected completion date in October.

East End (Station 2200 to Station 2235 at SR 75)      

  • 8’x6’ culvert has been installed along with triple line of pipe near SR75.
  • Archaeology excavation has begun near Station 2185+00.
  • Soil nail wall design and blasting plan approved by ALDOT.
  • Installation of test anchors for soil nail wall has begun.
  • 35,000 tons of rip-rap placed for slope buttress near soil nail wall.
  • A temporary bridge is being designed to cross Self Creek.
  • Temporary, permanent, and post-construction BMPs are being installed and maintained as construction progresses. They include the following:
    – Construction entrances remain stabilized.
    – Disturbed areas temporarily stabilized with blown or hydraulically-applied mulch.
    – Sediment barriers installed at buffers, stream and construction limits.
    – Sediment Retention Barrier practice installed at several locations.
    – Five sediment basins with skimmers and baffles completed.
    – Five Level Spreaders associated with permanent sediment basins completed.
    – Temporary slope drains, diversion berms and swales, sumps, and ditch checks installed near haul road area.

Environmental Status this reporting period:

  • 513 Rain Days: June 4 (0.12”), June 5 (0.14”), June 6 (0.49”), June 7 (0.20”), June 8 (0.71”), June 10 (0.68”), June 11 (0.60”), June 12 (0.20”), June 13 (0.06”), June 19 (0.77”), June 24 (0.15’”), June 25 (0.21”), June 27 (0.18”)
  • Total rainfall approximately 4.51”
  • No water quality violations in June.